About Us

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jon Harry Bayouth grew up in the Oklahoma barbecue scene and gained his expert barbecue knowledge from the “masters” of smokehouse barbecue.  

The first three words the industry’s “best” taught Harry Bayouth, “slow and low”, has and always will be our restaurant’s mantra.

Our meats are deliciously seasoned with our homemade dry rub, then Hickory smoked for six to fourteen hours (depending on the meat), utilizing our state-of-the-art Southern Pride smoker.  To ensure perfection, we finish by caramelizing our meats with our own Harry’s Smokehouse Original BBQ Sauce.

So, when you want an exceptional food experience that will truly hit the spot, head on over to Harry’s Oklahoma Style Smokehouse BBQ, Southern California’s best barbecue joint!

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